Character List

~~Applegate Family~~

Olivia Carnahan Applegate – matriarch of the Applegate Family
Thomas Applegate – Olivia’s late husband of 32 years

Bill Applegate – Son of Olivia, father to Rick, Tom, Chad, and Meg, town lawyer
Helen Applegate – Wife to Bill, mother of Rick, Tom, Chad, and Meg, lawyer & town mayor

Rick Applegate – eldest of the 4 siblings, married to Tara, 3 children, lawyer
Tara Gifford Applegate, Rick’s wife, 3 children, lawyer
Carin Applegate – Rick and Tara’s daughter
Derek Applegate – Rick and Tara’s son
Devon Applegate – Rick and Tara’s son

Tom Applegate – town cop, married to Summer LeFey  (KISS ME GOODNIGHT)
Summer LeFey Applegate – famous artist, married Tom (KISS ME GOODNIGHT)

Meg Applegate Cara – high school teacher, married to Bret Cara (THE SWEETHEART DANCE)
Bret Cara – town cop, married to Meg (THE SWEETHEART DANCE)

Chad Applegate, pumpkin farmer, married to Robin Harmon, 3 children  (THE DADDY SPELL)
Robin Harmon Applegate, Chad’s wife, vet assistant, mother of Boo, Lindy, and Benjamin (THE DADDY SPELL)
Belinda Sue Applegate (Lindy) – Chad and Robin’s daughter, twin
Bonnie Sue Applegate (Boo) – Chad and Robin’s daughter, twin
Benjamin William Applegate – Chad and Robin’s son (Born in THE SWEETHEART DANCE)

~~Echo Falls Town~~

Matt Parker, rookie town cop, Marine veteran (CANYON HEARTS)
Trina Murray Parker, bartender, wife to Matt (CANYON HEARTS)
Jamieson Murray Parker, Trina’s son, adopted by Matt
Alexander Murray, tax accountant, Trina’s father
Maria Lopez Murray, Trina’s mother
James Parker, Matt’s father, oil company leasing agent
Lisa Parker, Matt’s mother
Jennifer Parker, Matt’s sister
Amanda Parker (Panda), Matt’s little sister

Sally Caldwell, Fire chief, EFFD
Adam Caldwell, Fireman, EFFD, married to Juliette (BOO & LINDY’S MATCHMAKING ADVENTURE)
Juliette Day Caldwell, elementary school teacher, married to Adam Caldwell, (BOO & LINDY’S MATCHMAKING ADVENTURE)

Paul Hudson, Police chief, EFPD
Rafe Lopez, town cop, EFPD, Trina’s cousin
Carmen Vogel, town cop, EFPD

Dr. Rucker, veterinarian
Dr. Garrison, town doctor
Dr. Cunningham, town dentist

Hayden Gutherie, HS football coach
Nathan Marsh, HS principal
Alice Heigl, beloved HS English teacher, retired
Art Pearson, owner of The Tap, rented a home to Robin in the Canyon
Harv Kramer, DJ from the Echo Falls Radio Station      
Hank and Trudy Givers, work for Applegate Farms (THE DADDY SPELL)
Walter LeFey, Summer’s grandfather, now deceased (KISS ME GOODNIGHT)
Adelina James, Walter’s friend, grandmother to Diego (KISS ME GOODNIGHT)
Diego James, former Echo Falls football star (THE SWEETHEART DANCE)

~~Places to Know~~

Clem’s Restaurant
Applegate Law Firm
Carlsson’s Cars
Echo Falls Brewery
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
Good Shepherd Church & Daycare
Echo Falls High School – Home of the Mustangs
Buddy’s Garage
Slade’s Antiques
Keene-Drury Funeral Home
The Tap Bar
Sal’s Grocery
Spooner Realty
Echo Falls Police Department
Echo Falls Fire Department
Echo Falls Community Hospital
Echo Falls Herald
Echo Falls Radio Station

~~Streets to Know in Echo Falls~~
Mustang Drive (location of HS, Olivia’s House)
Canyon Road (leads to the reservoir and dam)
Stuart Road (dividing street between town and the canyon)
Bradley-Smith Road (road to Chad’s Farm)

~~Places Around the Applegate Farm~~
Jed Anderson’s Apple Farm
Leonard Ranch
Bradda Ranch – Champion Bulls
Carey Farm – (Formerly the Drury Ranch)